See What Our Customers Say:

"I believe that the OSGroup CPAs is superior in the quality of service that I received."
- JB

"Friendly, professional, efficient. The only tax preparer I ever looked forward to seeing."
- MB

"I am very satisfied with the level of support and quality work."
- DW

"More than satisfied; pleased and confident in services and friendly support."
- F&MJ

About Us

OSGroup CPAs is a full service CPA firm, and more. In addition to the typical services you would expect from a CPA firm - audit services, tax services, and accounting support - OSGroup CPAs prides itself in taking our role a step further. We like to be part of your team of strategic business advisors, helping you through the difficult decisions you face day-to-day and week-to-week in managing and growing your business. We feel that our long-term client relationships are due to our responsiveness to our clients' needs, our experience, and our creativity. With decades of experience advising companies of all sizes and a variety of industries, we have the background and breadth of knowledge to provide you sound advice and guidance for these challenges. Whether it's a formal consulting assignment for developing a new business plan or advising you on a transaction to buy your largest competitor, or just a phone call to run an idea past us, we are there for you.

Our Philosophy

"Providing valued services and innovative solutions to all clients - Always!"

Every client survey indicates that quality and timely service are the cornerstones of a CPA firm's success. In addition, clients want an empathetic and understanding advisor. Our goal is to meet our clients' definitions or perceptions of quality service. We expect our clients to have high expectations of us and we continually strive to meet or exceed those expectations. Our commitment to client service and community and our forward thinking are what we believe sets us apart from other CPA firms. We view our relationship with our clients as that of an advocate and advisor, as well as independent accountants. Our organization was founded on the premise that businesses need experienced advisors. We retain the experienced staff we believe is necessary to provide the quality advice and service our clients desire. Our firm constantly stays current on all matters of accounting software solutions, bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, and taxation in a very rapidly changing environment.