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Business Advice

Business Plans

Need to approach a bank for a loan? Planning to seek some outside investment for the growth of your company? Or just trying to figure out whether all the work you're doing makes any sense? Our team of professionals has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with companies in a variety of industries in developing comprehensive business plans. We can perform market research to assess the overall potential for your business. We can perform competitive analysis to identify who is competing for the market you're after and how they do it. We can support you with financial projections based on your estimates, assumptions and goals for the business. Whether it's a comprehensive business plan for the entire enterprise, or a focused business plan for a new product, new branch or new market, we can assist you in this important process.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are so busy tackling the day to day challenges of their business that they don't take the time to map out a plan for the future and monitor their progress against that plan. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in understanding our clients' business models and translating the owners' and/or investors' goals into an understandable financial plan or budget. We can also help you implement the processes to monitor performance against that plan. It is our belief that planning for the future and understanding your potential opportunities for success is as important as reporting historical results.

Mergers and Acquisitions

For many businesses, purchasing another company or being acquired is a significant event and may be the most important step you take. We can help you with planning the strategy for the deal, deal structure, negotiation, due diligence and post-acquisition integration. Our team of professionals has been involved in many mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions and has the skill and experience to help you through this important step in your company's history. In addition, we can advise you on the effects of a transaction on you personally through tax and financial planning as part of our Personal Services.

Business Valuations

Business owners often lack the sophistication, objectivity and necessary perspective to value their business properly. Our experienced staff is able to apply formulas and the latest methodologies to value a business whether it is for a purchase or sale, estate planning, estate gifting, incentive programs for employees (i.e. implementing an ESOP - employee stock ownership plans), a property settlement in a domestic situation or any other reason. Let us be the objective expert in valuing your business.

Management Consulting

The years of professional experience and relationships with our clients give us a broad perspective on business issues, problems and opportunities. In many cases we have helped other clients through a challenge very similar to the one you are facing. Let us be your trusted counselor and advocate on those issues. By understanding the larger picture from an objective viewpoint we can advise business owners on how best to maximize their return or asset.

Bank Financing and Negotiation

We can function as an extension of your management team to prepare documentation, make presentations and negotiate terms for financing. Our clients are able to leverage our extensive professional contacts in the banking industry to secure needed financing for their business. We know the players and speak their language.

Management Recruiting

Many of our clients rely on us to advertise for, interview, qualify and recommend candidates for critical management level financial positions. Our personal knowledge of their business and needs puts us in a unique position to do this for our clients at a reasonable cost.